stupid pneumonia


As it turned out, I never managed to run the Great Tartan Skidaddle.  So as of yet, I still haven’t jumped over that “ultra” hurdle.  Which is really frustrating. So my goal of finishing all the races that I enter….?  Will need to rethink that one.

The last week of my taper started so well, aside from waking with a slightly scratchy throat the day it all went pear shaped.

I took an easy run around Colzium Estate and I really enjoyed myself.  My legs felt fresh and I enjoyed exploring the place, which I usually just ignore and head further up the hills or to the top of Tomtian.

But when I got home, I got this raging fever that came out of nowhere, accompanied by the worst headache that I’ve ever experienced, hallucinations in the mix as well.  To make a long story short, I was eventually taken by ambulance to the Royal Infirmary and underwent a series of tests to find out what was wrong.  The doctors were initially concerned that I had meningitis due to the level of infection showing in my blood tests.  Turns out it was (thankfully) “just” pneumonia, but the infection hit me really hard for some reason.

So I spent race day in the hospital on a drip.


I’m thankful for the great care I received from the NHS and that they got to the bottom of what was wrong.  Still, the whole thing was frustrating.  A weekend in the hospital was the last thing I wanted.  Seeing photos of the event online only increased that sense of missing out on something I had been looking forward to for months.

12 weeks of injury-free training. All good.  And this infection seems to have come out of nowhere.  This is the first time anything like this has happened, but it has knocked my confidence a bit.  I suppose it’s one of those freak things that just happen, but now I’ll probably have more “what if” doubts when I embark on another long training plan.  That’s always there when you commit to something like a longer race, but now I know the feeling of disappointment when I can’t even make it to the starting line.

Still, I’m determined to do the race in one way or another.  Once I’m back to full strength (and that could be a while — still on my medication and the doctor ordered at least two weeks of complete rest and then need to ease my way back slowly), I’m going to run the whole Great Tartan Skidaddle course solo, or with some friends.  It won’t be the same, sure, but it’s something that I still really want to do.

I’ve been stuck inside for a week.  Honestly, I’m a bit fed up and can’t wait to get out running again.  But I need to take my recovery seriously so I can get back to what I love.  This in mind, I might also miss out on the ATRX in a month’s time, I just may not be ready.  In that case, I’ll see if I’m well enough to volunteer to take photos or something.  In the meantime, time to enjoy other good things in life.  Resting and listen to lots of good music and reading good books.

Once I’m well though — can’t wait to do the route that I didn’t get to do.  Also thinking that I might be able to put some proper effort toward getting a good time at the Strathearn Marathon…


I’ve attached a few photos from Colzium Estate below.  It’s lovely and seems a bit underused. Worth exploring and a good park if you’ve got little people: