Here are some great things on the internet.  You might like them as well?


The Adventure Journal

My favourite magazine about the outdoors and adventure.  There’s consistently high quality content and their old-school print version is a thing of beauty.

I love Brendan’s writing.  He has a knack for capturing the stoke of being outdoors, even if you can’t climb 7a or run Western States 100 in under 15hrs.  It’s often funny, well considered, and — importantly — always life affirming. His book Sixty Meters to Anywhere is worth picking up.

Scotland Outdoors Magazine

Bringing it a little bit closer to home with this one.  Scotland Outdoors is an excellent magazine for inspiration about all things outdoorsy in Scotland.

High Country News

Simply put, the journalism in HCN is excellent.  The issues they cover feel especially relevant given the current situation in the US and its public lands.  This one stands out in this list because it’s not about adventure sports or running.  Still, it covers many of the issues that trail runners, or anybody concerned about land issues,  will care deeply about.  HCN focuses on the American West, but I think the issues they cover are of great relevance no matter where you’re at.

Like the Wind

Like the Wind is a very special and unique running mag.  They don’t go into details about how best to fuel a long run or midfoot v. forefoot strikes.  As their tag line states, “It’s not How to Run, it’s Why We Run.”  The stories are deep and creative.  The illustrations and graphic artistry is beautiful.  The only other print magazine that looks and feels this good is the print Adventure Journal.  The link above will take you to their blog.


I love podcasts. They’ve revolutionised my commute (yes, even on my bike, but only when I’m on the canal path and not likely to be killed by a car).  Here’s some of my current favourites.

The Dirtbag Diaries

Now 10 years old, the Diaries combine a This American Life quality of storytelling with a stoke for outdoor adventure.  Well crafted and always quality.

Mountain Podcast

This is my favourite new podcast.  Christopher Slight brings us a great story every month about the life in the mountains.  Like the Dirtbag Diaries, it’s well edited and of consistently high quality.  The podcast is clearly a labour of love supported by one of my favourite outdoor gear companies Alpkit (who have an cool foundation that does a lot of good).  It’s great to have something like this produced in the UK.

Trail Runner Nation

Interesting interviews and general trial running chat.  I’ve learned a lot here and it has made me a better runner.  I love the laid-back vibe and minimal editing.

Marathon Talk

Great podcast about running by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams.  Full of practical advice, brilliant interviews, and really funny.

Becoming Ultra

Good stuff about training for an ultra, especially if your a noob like me.

Talk Ultra

A granddaddy of ultrarunning podcasts.  Some great interviews with the heroes of trial running and in-depth coverage of trail and mountain running as a proper sport.

Ultrarunner Podcast

Much like Talk Ultra, but with more of a North American perspective.


I’m a relative newcomer to this one.  Cool long-form narratives about the outdoors.

The Enormocast

In another life, I did more climbing.  I still do a bit of bouldering.  I suck at it more than I do at running. Climbing is undeniably awesome and the community is full of interesting characters and stories.  The Enormocast brings us interviews with these characters (some of them now legendary: Kelly Cordes, Tommy Caldwell, Mike Libecki, Alex Honnold…) and gets the stories told first-hand.  Chris Kalous is a brilliant host.  I now associate his voice with solo road trips.

The Outside Podcast

The behemoth magazine of the outdoors Outside have a podcast.  It’s as good and slick as you would expect.  Their interview with former Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell is a must for anybody interested in the current state of US public lands.

Scotland Outdoors

I usually catch this one live on the BBC Radio Scotland (where it goes by Out of Doors) on Saturday morning, but the mind is willing and the body is week.  If the kids sleep in, so do I.  Anyway, the BBC has a helpful podcast I can listen to when I miss the show.  It’s a wonderful thing and highlights many issues about Scotland and the outdoors, shines a light on some undiscovered corners of the country.  Their specials on Land Reform have offered some of the most insightful reporting I’ve heard on the topic.

Anything missing that I should know about?  Let me know!