Oregonian by birth and Californian by nurture, I currently find myself in Scotland.  I enjoy running, hills and trials are my preference, not that I get snooty about it or anything.

I only started running with any regularity or discipline at the tail end of 2015, aged well into my 30s.  I’m not at all fast, an average mid-packer in my best races.  But this doesn’t diminish my stoke.  I love running and the gradual but satisfying progress of it.  I am recovering from what was a debilitating generalised anxiety disorder; running has been crucial in my ongoing journey back to wellness.

Running is the most simple and natural of sports.  What is there to say, really, about putting one foot in front of the other?  My love of running stems from its simplicity, the places it takes me, the solitude, and (maybe paradoxically, given solitude?) the community it gathers.  That’s what this blog is about. And maybe some other things that come to mind.

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