That’s me on the Becoming Ultra podcast!


While training for my first ultra, I started listening to a lot of podcasts.  They’ve been a total revelation on my long runs and I’ve learned so much.  One of the most useful was (and is) Scott Jones’ Becoming Ultra Project.  The stories are totally relatable and Scott gives good advice that’s down to earth and doable.  Listening to stuff like this doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes, obviously.  But for me,  things like Becoming Ultra helps to put the lessons from running misadventures and successes into a context and helps to deepen the learning process.

So it was a real honour to feature on the show to talk about running my first ultra after recovering from pneumonia and early sepsis.  I’ve written about the story on the blog before, but different things always come out when you’re talking through the thing.  I had fun doing it, I hope you enjoy listening!

Link here:  My First Ultra: 20 Near sepsis and a second chance at becoming ultra!

Another thing, if you haven’t already subscribed to the Becoming Ultra podcast, you should.  I love all the podcasts about elite runners, but there’s something special about hearing about stuff you can really relate to — running and getting sick, trying to fit in training around a full time job and kids…  You know, mid-pack runners like you and me.

Also I should say, Scott’s other podcast Athlete on Fire is worth a listen.  Great info and interviews with some big names, but like BU, it’s always earthed in reality.  Go treat your ears!



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